One Step Further

Your Moon journey starts here…


Why the Moon?

Own the Zeitgeist

The world’s eyes are on lunar exploration. Aligning your brand with this mission positions you at the forefront of a global conversation.

Embody Innovation

Lunar success demands cutting-edge solutions. Showcase your brand’s commitment to progress alongside the pioneers shaping the future.

Sustainability as a Core Value

Responsible lunar development is a mandate. Brands embracing this mission demonstrate leadership with both Earth and beyond in mind.

Connect with the Future

Today’s young consumers will drive the lunar economy of tomorrow. Engaging them now builds lasting brand loyalty.

Let Group Of Humans help you create your brand's tomorrow on the ultimate frontier.

One Step Further

Opportunity Timeline

Terrestrial Astrolab FLEX Rover Showcases.

Engage audiences with tech demonstrations and brand experiences, from today here on Earth.

Moon Launch and Transit.

Celebrate the journey to the Moon with space-themed campaigns and limited-editions.

Moon Landing and Astrolab FLEX Rover Deployment.

Captivate the world with this historic moment and showcase your pioneering spirit.

Ongoing Exploration and Brand Activations.

Lunar storytelling, immersive experiences, the possibilities are limitless.

Potential Brand Integrations

Product Collaborations.

Moon-inspired designs or showcase FLEX Rover integrations.

Data-powered Storytelling.

Mission data fuels unique campaigns and content.

Immersive Experiences.

AR/VR experiences powered by FLEX Rover’s cameras.

Soundscapes and Music.

Soundtracks or sonic branding inspired by the mission.

Potential Moon Surface Activations

Unique brand moments.

Create one-of-a-kind brand experiences on the Moon’s surface.

Moon Product Placement.

Showcase products interacting with the Moon.

Remote Experiences.

Earth based consumers participate in Moon surface activities.

Data as Art.

Translate Moon data into stunning visuals or interactive installations.

Moon Landmark Sponsorship.

Associate your brand with a specific Moon feature.

Our tribe of world-class mentors and makers brings deep expertise:

Strategic Brand Partnerships

We forge meaningful connections that elevate brands into new territories.

Multi-Phased Campaign Development

Our experience ensures long-term engagement and a consistent yet evolving brand narrative.

Immersive Technology Integration

We blend physical and digital experiences, pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Sustainable Innovation

We help brands align with the Moon economy’s focus on progress and responsible growth.

Your Moon journey begins now with
Astrolab + Group Of Humans.

Contact Group Of Humans and let’s chart your brand’s course to the Moon:

We are incredibly excited to be working with Group Of Humans to push the boundaries of creativity while expanding existing scientific knowledge of the universe, working towards a sustainable, permanent lunar outpost.

Jaret Matthews, Founder and CEO, Astrolab