Interdisciplinary Project TRIBES

Project TRIBES

Experience the power of our Project TRIBES. We carefully match super talented HUMANS whose passions and skills align with your unique project needs.

Tap into a vibrant interdisciplinary community – from astronauts and musicians to designers and technologists. Let us build your ideal TRIBE.

Fractional Leaders & Practitioners

Fractional Leaders &

Solve immediate challenges, big or small, without the hassle of traditional recruiting. Find diverse, top-tier expertise – for leadership, strategy, or short-term project support – within our vibrant, close-knit community. Get rapid, targeted solutions and fresh perspectives.

Nobody else offers this combination of flexibility and community-backed talent. Seamlessly integrate HUMANS on demand to achieve your goals faster.

On-Demand Innovation Lab

On-Demand Innovation Lab

Tap into a global community of strategists, futurists, designers, and more to envision sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Our collaborative approach balances groundbreaking ideas with human-centered, socially responsible outcomes.

Identify critical signals, prototype with speed, and create the transformative futures your organization – and the world – needs.

Create & Make

Create &

With decades of experience crafting beloved brands, designing valuable experiences and shaping cultural movements, we know the power of purpose and the enduring impact of ideas that matter across generations.

Our diversity helps us distill the most complex global problems into narratives that resonate emotionally with each and every person. And we forge those stories into groundbreaking solutions made with soul, not just theoretical product concepts or mediocre marketing campaigns. Let’s make something together.


Ninety percent of HUMANS have more than 20 years of experience working with the world’s most iconic brands. Tapping into our Group Mind gives you and your organization unique access to that collective experience, wisdom and foresight to help you Make Your Tomorrow.


SHP is our corporate advisory firm, expert in helping creative companies and the people who lead them maximize their potential. Many HUMANS have had multiple successful exits. We partner with SHP clients at every stage of business growth to help you do the same.

We know the creative industry inside out and how frustrating it is getting bland advice from bankers, corporate finance experts and management consultants who don’t understand the unique challenges of building and running a creative business. We do things differently.