faces of humans that form an Interdisciplinary project tribe

Project TRIBES

Experience the power of our Project TRIBES. We carefully match super talented HUMANS whose passions and skills align with your unique project needs.

Whether it’s a large-scale digital transformation, a comprehensive brand refresh, a product launch event design, or an analysis of AI’s impact on your business, our diverse and talented TRIBES deliver innovative solutions.

Tap into our vibrant interdisciplinary community – from astronauts and musicians to designers and technologists. Let us build your ideal TRIBE, blending expertise in cross-industry design innovation, business transformation design, and forward-thinking strategies for sustainable creative solutions.

Let us build your ideal TRIBE.

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faces of humans that represent fractional leaders and practitioners

Fractional Leaders &

Solve immediate challenges, big or small, without the hassle of traditional recruiting. Find diverse, top-tier expertise – for leadership, strategy, or short-term project support – within our vibrant, close-knit community. Get rapid, targeted solutions and fresh perspectives.

Nobody else offers this combination of flexibility and community-backed talent. Seamlessly integrate HUMANS on demand to achieve your goals faster.

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On-Demand Innovation Lab

Tap into a global community of strategists, futurists, designers, and more to envision sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Our collaborative approach balances groundbreaking ideas with human-centered, socially responsible outcomes.

Identify critical signals, prototype with speed, and create the transformative futures your organization – and the world – needs.

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Mentor &

Harnessing years of expertise in building iconic brands, creating impactful experiences, and driving cultural shifts, we understand the significance of purposeful action and the lasting influence of ideas that transcend time.

Our diverse perspectives enable us to transform intricate challenges into emotionally compelling narratives, universally resonant. Beyond mere theoretical concepts or standard marketing efforts, we craft innovative solutions imbued with authenticity. Together, let’s create transformative, sustainable solutions that reflect our commitment to strategic design thinking, eco-friendly strategies, and collaborative innovation. Join us in shaping a future where creativity meets purpose.

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HUMANS share over 1,000 years of expertise crafting creative solutions for the world’s most memorable brands. Tapping into our collective HUMAN Intelligence gives your team a unique edge, blending experience with foresight for your next big leap.

Whether it’s firing up your team with an inspiration day or crowd-solving a question, we invite a broad spectrum of diverse and brilliant minds to the table. Let’s collaborate to craft an inspiring experience for your teams or a future for your business that’s as innovative as it is grounded in our ‘lived’ expertise. Together, we’ll make your tomorrow.

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With a heritage in launching, scaling, and exiting creative ventures our team of exited founders and experts offers strategic consulting and mentorship from start to exit and beyond, aiming to simplify your growth journey and unlock your full potential.

Our SuperHuman Partners includes corporate finance professionals, M&A advisors, international investors, and industry veterans, providing customized guidance at every step.

Specializing in Business Coaching and Growth Consulting, we’re here to turn your ambitions into reality.