Bringing people together
to imagine a better future

Technological and environmental change is speeding up. The challenges facing today’s businesses are in some ways unprecedented. The ubiquity of technology and the breadth of its impact on business, society and the planet have outstripped traditional approaches.

Waste Not

GROUP OF HUMANS is a collective of industry leading peers. Diverse, thought provoking individuals, whose work, reputation and skill sets push creativity and technology and define their categories.

All of us are determined to rethink the processes and priorities of modern business, for profitable and sustainable outcomes. Together we look at the world differently, change the way we accept risk, nurture insight and collaborate with clients.

Our behavior helps to define our purpose, to Waste Not. We do not pitch, we do not pad, we refuse to pollute humanity and the world we live in. We believe technology with a human soul can support the present and nourish the future.

A community founded
on shared values

We Believe





balanced with

Everything is connected

To provide our clients with relevant answers, we combine the perspectives of the HUMANS to bring disruptive and collaborative thinking to products, services and brands quickly and honestly.

We call this Holistic Consulting and it provides connected thinking, breaking out of company silos and traditional disciplines to bring ideas to life. Today it comprises of five overlapping areas swarming around a core purpose:



Product &
Service Design

Product &
Service Strategy



What we do

GROUP OF HUMANS project teams are small, flexible and adaptable. Each team is selected from our global community to bring the skills, processes and experiences needed to take on the problem at hand. These curated teams form the backbone of our service offering, but sometimes the complexity of contemporary business problems means new questions emerge as projects progress and evolve.

When this happens we use our cloud platform to access the GROUP MIND; harnessing the collective experience of every human in our global community.

Humans involved in client project A

Humans involved in client project B

Humans involved in client project C

GROUP MIND engages all humans in problem solving

Meet the Humans


Human Interest

Captivating conversations with incredible humans.

How is this possible?

Organized for the 21st century

To maintain a coherent, world-spanning virtual organization we leverage, buy or build the support services necessary to enable programs to flow seamlessly through humans. Our internal support services include:

Technical Support
and a Travel Service


Jon Carvill

VP of Technical Marketing at Intel

As Intel was looking to re-establish its technology brand it enlisted the help of Group of Humans as a key creative partner. The team did a fantastic job in advising, supporting and partnering with the internal team as we took the first steps to reset the perception of the company and rebuild credibility externally with the technical community.

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Bob Regan

Director of Education at Gates Ventures

I was looking for help with the strategy, voice and visual direction of The OER Project brand, a new umbrella brand Gates Ventures was creating in preparation for the expansion, capability and reach of the existing Big History Project. The team Group of Humans provided to support me were highly experienced seasoned professionals who made the program a pleasure to work on as well as being able to deliver world class solutions.

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James Kim

VP of Portfolio Options & Chief Technology Officer at Platinum Equity

I was looking for a team that had talent in product design and development for a consumer-facing platform, but didn’t want to land a team from the traditional consulting firms that do IT consulting type work. Group of Humans was able to offer great people that provided thought leadership and effective coaching – and helped our team deliver on much needed improvements.

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Marc Randolph

Netflix Co-founder and first CEO; Author of That Will Never Work, the Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

As I was beginning a new chapter of my career, I worked with Group of Humans on crafting a brand story and developing my website.

The initial process of delving into and articulating the brand was very thought-provoking and collaborative. Next, we worked together to create the website, which was so painless! The team instantly got what I was trying to communicate and were efficient, professional and readily available throughout.

The whole experience of working with Group of Humans was great. It felt like I had access to, and the attention of, really outstanding talent.

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Vijay Sundaram

Group Product Manager at Google Research

  • In my personal opinion, Group of Humans has gathered one of a kind talent and perspective. Simon brought precious creative insight to an intensely complex R&D problem and opportunity. And was a joy to work with to boot – inspired, engaged, and committed from start to finish.
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Jeremy Snyder

Chief Growth Officer, VinFast

In 2021 VinGroup, a massive conglomerate in Vietnam, began launching their automotive division ‘VinFast’ as a global Electric Vehicle manufacturer in the USA, we partnered with Group of Humans on Vinfast’s USA brand launch and go-to market strategy.  

As a lean startup in the US, backed by VinGroup, we were able to work with Group of Humans as a true partner, working at speed to generate compelling creative ideas and executions that would work to quickly establish a new Vietnamese auto brand in the US across digital (web, CRM, social) and physical communications (in store, events).  

The team was very good at working both with the Vinfast US team and the team in Vietnam to achieve Vinfast’s goals during the launch phase of the brand.

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Waste Not

As children we were told waste not, want not.
Now we are old we want not waste.

We are just a Group of Humans,
All status we disown,
We are grown beyond the baubles
the money and the shows.

Standing naked with ambition,
Stripped down to the core,
To leave what’s broken better than before.

Waste Not, your time, your talent, Waste Not your planet earth.
Waste Not your weakness or your wisdom, your anger or your mirth.


Waste Not.