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Access a globally distributed community of creative leaders and change architects unrivaled in experience and expertise, unmatched in efficiency and results.

How We Work

Interdisciplinary Project TRIBES

Collaborate with a diverse range of skills. Project TRIBES are built on demand around each HUMAN’S talent, knowledge and passion for your project.

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Fractional Leaders & Practitioners

Seniority without breaking the bank. We provide targeted expertise when and where you need it, integrating quickly to deliver fast and effective solutions to your challenges.

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On Demand Innovation Lab

The decisions you make now will be with you for decades. We help you study the future to advance the present.

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Create & Make

For HUMANS by HUMANS. Strategic mentors, sustainability experts, innovative makers. Merging creativity with actionable insights for transformative solutions. Let’s make something.

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Group Mind

Access over 1,000 years of expertise crafting creative solutions for the world’s most memorable brands. Tap into our collective intelligence for a unique edge, blending experience with foresight.

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SuperHuman Partners

Experts in launching, scaling, and exiting creative ventures. From strategic consulting to personalized mentorship, we’re here to simplify your growth journey. Start right, grow strong, and exit better with tailored guidance for creative entrepreneurs.

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Meet the HUMANS

HUMANS are diverse and extraordinary, adept at solving global challenges for disruptors and the disrupted. Flexible and collaborative, we work cooperatively in TRIBES. We can help curate your TRIBE or you can use our TRIBE platform to assemble your own, all based on the solutions you’re searching for.

Here’s what some of our HUMANS have to say:

When you play a game, any game, for twenty plus years, you want to surround yourself with players who have failed at least as much as you have, taken as many leaps of faith as you have, found as many ways that don’t work as you have, felt ready to quit as many times as you have, so that when you put all that experience together, there is no way you can lose. That’s why I am honored to have been invited to play for such a team, where everyone helps each other succeed, with mad skills and negligible ego, and, most importantly, whose time has come.

Stefan Boublil, Brand Event Specialist & Creative Partner

Group Of Humans is a team of experts and, at the same time, a community of learners. It gives me a space to belong, collaborate, and connect with the kindest, most valuable humans around.

Dr. Katie Van Horne, Research Partner

Much of my career, from grad school to the studios that I worked in and the one I founded, was a search for the conversation I wanted to be a part of. When I joined Group Of Humans I felt like I finally found that conversation. It’s about design and possibility and delivering a better world. My Human colleagues have helped me see and do more in my practice and in the world.

Alex Smith, Design Partner

I joined Group Of Humans for a chance to work with some of the brightest and best in the creative industries. The people who have inspired me throughout my career are here in the group.The fact there’s no office and that everyone is everywhere is also a bit draw for me. Things are done because they make sense for us and our customers, not because that’s the way it’s been done before.

Suzie Webb, Design Human

Whenever I meet a new HUMANS tribe, I know I’m being introduced to an eclectic set of brilliant, diverse minds who are experts in their fields. From astronauts to rockstars to professional Internet dorks (like me), it’s a truly unique meeting of talent in a future-thinking working model.

Joe Federer, Social Strategy Partner

Unlike the standard agency who bring together the same old cookie cutter crew Group Of Humans brings together a great diversity of disciplines and people from many walks of life. It all stacks up to an incredible pool of people to work with supported by a Founder and black-ops back-office team with the chutzpah, integrity and hustle to fight for the very best projects that are out there. I’m hugely grateful to be a part of this astonishing collective.

Clare Townhill, Strategy Partner

I’ve worked remotely with clients for twenty years and in that time have seen huge progress in the technologies that enable it and the attitudes of companies towards it. But there remained a market-wide gap in the ready availability of a multifaceted and coherent skill set outside of the traditional agency model. Group of Humans fills that gap by offering the very best people across a range of creative disciplines from around the world – decentralised, networked and ready to work at speed. I’m proud to be a HUMAN among them.

Duncan Madden, Content Human

The Humans keeps me inspired and giving back. It’s an incredibly talented, generous experts from a huge range of backgrounds, who ask themselves difficult questions and set about solving them.There’s a wild alchemy to the ideas this community brings forth and the flexibility to work fast and in a flat structure. We have each others backs, and that’s invaluable.

Victoria Kirk, Strategy Partner

Joining the Humans has opened many doors to new ways of thinking, seeing creativity and working in worlds that they have given me access to. I’m excited to see what projects and opportunities arise in the future and know that I will be inspired by all the incredible minds that work within the group.

Jack Penate, Musician & Creative Human

They say you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Group Of Humans is the cream of the crop (and then some) and being with this crew is like getting a PhD in creative thinking. Every. Single. Day. Since joining, I’ve stretched, learned and grown as a practitioner, leader, and overall innovative thinker by being surrounded by the incredibly inspiring people and work that thrives in this group. Just when I think it couldn’t possibly get any more amazing, it does. 

Lisa deBettencourt, Design Strategy Human

Every area I work in needs different skills to get ideas from A-Z and I’m not always able to do everything, so being part of Group Of Humans gets me a set of extra gears, more opportunities and some new friends. If pushed for a definition I’d call it a tribe of purposeful creatives who believe that technology is wonderful…but it’s way better with people.

Kevin Godley, Creative Polymath Human

To be part of Group Of Humans is to be granted access to working with some of the great talents in the industry. A true test of one own skills and experience. A place to learn and be inspired, but also place that grants the freedom to express oneself creatively without the usual limitations of corporate life. A place for grown ups to express themsleves through their very best work, and make new lifelong inspirational friends and colleagues.

Peter Drake, Creative Partner

Group Of Humans is a brilliant, highly functional, generous, creative force that constantly looks towards the future — and what we can shift for that future for ourselves, our clients and society — yet is rooted in the collective real life experience of this thoughtfully curated TRIBE. Kudos to founder, Rob Noble, for having an innate instinct for finding and connecting some of the most creative, imaginative and inspiring humans that I have the honor of collaborating with. I am in awe everyday of my colleagues and the work that comes from this collective.

Kat Egan, Growth Partner

It’s an honor and a pleasure to be involved with such a diverse group of HUMANS. My normal “day job” usually involved space and very technical things, and it’s great and refreshing to be amongst a TRIBE who come from so many different backgrounds. The breadth of their experience, the expertise they have and their connections is so impressive.

Terry Virts, Astro Human

The HUMAN Approach

We exist to reveal, rewrite and revolutionize the way humankind experiences the earth (and moon) with purpose and meaning.

Elite mentors, researchers, thinkers, storytellers, makers and explorers

The HUMANS you meet are the TRIBE you’ll work with. There is no B team.

Global HUMANS with local knowledge

Your TRIBE will be made up of HUMANS locally and from around the world. Every HUMAN is a leader in their field.

HUMAN Centric

HUMANS understand the motivations and emotions that drive consumer behavior.

Grounded digital expertise

Our proficiency is rooted in the lived experiences of the digital age, bringing practical insights and sustainable solutions to today’s digital landscape.

Simplify and distill complex problems

HUMANS cut through the noise of a complex world, uncovering the core insights that drive effective strategy.

Make meaningful solutions that drive action

Not just theory or ads.

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HUMAN Intelligence

We are distributed and diverse not just geographically, but also creatively and philosophically. Adaptable and scalable, we combine our talents, experiences and viewpoints to create fresh perspectives and new insight that address Earth’s (and the Moon’s) most pressing challenges.

Our HUMAN Intelligence newsletter on Substack explores themes that probe the minds of our curious, creative and collaborative HUMANS.

The Future is HUMAN

Group Of Humans represents 
the future of creative and strategic work.

We do not work to any traditional business or agency model. We are a creative community building on already exceptional careers to move humanity towards better outcomes. If you want to use your intelligence and experience in this way to share your wisdom, communicate with others, and be an active participant, Group Of Humans could be right for you.

Every HUMAN is free to choose which projects they work on because that work inspires them to move forward. But every HUMAN is expected to be an active member of our community, to contribute to our collective goal and challenge each other to do better – to be better.

If you think Group Of Humans is right for you, send us your résumé and tell us why you should become a HUMAN.