Unlock real transformative potential for your organization

Access a globally distributed community of creative leaders and change architects unrivaled in experience and expertise, unmatched in efficiency and results.

How We Work

Interdisciplinary Project TRIBES

Collaborate with a diverse range of skills. Project TRIBES are built on demand around each HUMAN’S talent, knowledge and passion for your project.

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Fractional Leaders & Practitioners

Seniority without breaking the bank. We provide targeted expertise when and where you need it, integrating quickly to deliver fast and effective solutions to your challenges.

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On Demand Innovation Lab

The decisions you make now will be with you for decades. We help you study the future to advance the present.

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Create & Make

For HUMANS by HUMANS. We are a community of curious explorers, visionary thinkers, proven storytellers and passionate makers. Let’s create something together.

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Group Mind

Augment your team with our collective intelligence. Group Mind gives you access to our collective experience, wisdom and foresight.

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Our corporate advisory sister company. We offer a ‘lived experience’ perspective tailored specifically to the needs of creative entrepreneurs. Start right, grow strong, exit better.

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Meet The Humans

Meet the HUMANS

HUMANS are diverse and extraordinary, adept at solving global challenges for disruptors and the disrupted. Flexible and collaborative, we work cooperatively in TRIBES. We can help curate your TRIBE or you can use our TRIBE platform to assemble your own, all based on the solutions you’re searching for.

The HUMAN Approach

We exist to reveal, rewrite and revolutionize the way humankind experiences the world with purpose and meaning.

Elite researchers, thinkers, storytellers, makers and explorers

The HUMANS you meet are the TRIBE you’ll work with. There is no B team.

Global HUMANS with local knowledge

Your TRIBE will be made up of HUMANS locally and from around the world. Every HUMAN is a leader in their field.

HUMAN Centric

HUMANS understand the motivations and emotions that drive consumer behavior.

Grounded digital expertise

Our proficiency is rooted in the lived experiences of the digital age, bringing practical insights and forward-thinking solutions to today’s digital landscape.

Simplify and distill complex problems

HUMANS cut through the noise of a complex world, uncovering the core insights that drive effective strategy.

Make meaningful solutions that drive action

Not just theory or ads.

HUMAN Intelligence

We are distributed and diverse not just geographically, but also creatively and philosophically. Adaptable and scalable, we combine our talents, experiences and viewpoints to create fresh perspectives and new insight that meet global challenges.

Our HUMAN Intelligence newsletter on Substack explores themes that probe the minds of our curious, creative and collaborative HUMANS.

The Future is HUMAN

Group Of Humans represents 
the future of creative and strategic work.

We do not work to any traditional business or agency model. We are a creative community building on already exceptional careers to move humanity towards better outcomes. If you want to use your intelligence and experience in this way to share your wisdom, communicate with others, and be an active participant, Group Of Humans could be right for you.

Every HUMAN is free to choose which projects they work on because that work inspires them to move forward. But every HUMAN is expected to be an active member of our community, to contribute to our collective goal and challenge each other to do better – to be better.

If you think Group Of Humans is right for you, send us your résumé and tell us why you should become a HUMAN.